Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Audience Feedback

Now that we have completely finished our film opening, we decided to post our footage onto facebook to see if we would get any feedback...

Alice posted the footage on her page in hope that her uncle (a professional actor) would give us some feedback! We had some positive responses from an adult audience, which is who our film is aimed at, as well as Alice's uncle! Overall our feedback was very positive!!  

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Now that we have completely finished filming, we have continued to edit all of our clips together, and have added visual effects, music and sound effects. 

After re-filming certain clips we had a lot more angles to play around with, meaning we could add more cuts etc. This made the flashbacks much more realistic, and made a lot of difference to the previous long clips we had, which were pretty boring. However, as we had filmed in a lot of different locations, we found that the lighting was different in some clips compared to others. This problem was easily solved as we changed the contrast of the clips to match each other. Also, we added an effect called 'Old World' to the flashback clips which helps to give the impression that they are memories from the past. We were happy with the outcome of this, as we had wanted to achieve something similar after being inspired by the ending of Sherlock Holmes.





After we had finished editing the clips, it was time to add some music. 
We knew that our music would have to be Royalty Free so we started to look at some Royalty Free websites. We found it difficult to agree on an appropriate soundtrack, but all liked the idea of using a piano piece. We eventually came across a piece of music we thought would fit well with our film opening sequence. However, we needed the music to sound more sinister to fit with our theme, therefore we added another soundtrack over the top which resembled to low drones, creating an eerie effect. 

Watching the footage with the music over the top made it look so much more professional and interesting! Our last task was to add the credits using our previously chosen fonts, this was a particularly tricky task as we found it difficult to get the timings correct but we were very happy with the overall outcome!! 

Monday, 4 April 2011

FINAL day of filming- Monday 4th April

As the deadline is tomorrow (Tuesday 5th April) We desperatley needed to film our last scene, the teenage sleepover scene!
Myself, Alice and Alex stayed behind after school to get some editing done and then our friend (the other) Alice joined us to film our last shots at Alex's house.

These shots were quick and easy to film, we needed to capture some match on action and various angles. As we already knew what we were aiming for (from our previous attempt) it didn't take us very long at all!! Which left us plenty of time to import the newest clips onto iMovie and finish editing our film opening sequence!

We managed to completely finish our film this evening and nailed it down to 2 minutes exactly!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Extra filming

After finishing all of our footage we captured it and begun to use Final Cut to begin editing, we realised at this point that we didn't have enough footage to experiment with. We would like to go back to our sets and take some extra shots including various different angles which would make the flash backs in our sequence more effective, and would mean we could speed up the pace, which would make the sequence much more thrilling and exciting. 

As Alex has been ill :( , and we are down to tight timing, Alice and myself decided to crack on with any scenes that Alex isn't present in. We focused mainly on the pregnancy scene, filming in Alice's garage. We included various different angles, including low angles and a point of view shot

This filming session was relatively successful and from our experience we have learnt that we will not know how effective the shots our until we see them on the computer, therefore we took a variety just to be on the safe side!!