Wednesday, 6 October 2010


6:45am - I woke up checked my phone.

7:00am- I turned on my laptop to play my music on iTunes.
              I checked my phone again.
              I sent a text.

7:03am- I sent another text.

7:10am- Sent a text.

7:30am- I watched my pre-recorded friends whilst eating breakfast.
              I checked my phone again.

8:00am- I checked my phone and sent a text before leaving for the bus.

8:15am- My bus arrived with an advertisment of 'Piranna 3D'

8:15am-8:45am- I saw an advertisment poster for The ringwood Carnival.
                           I listened to my iPod.
                           I tesxted.

9:00am-3:20pm- I saw posters around the school.
                          I checked my phone several times.
                          I watched film clips in Media.
                          I created my blog for media

3:49pm- My bus arrived advertising 'Piranna 3D' again.

3:49pm-4:20pm- I listened to my iPod.
                           I texted.

4:35pm- I went on my laptop and checked my facebook.
              I checked my phone.
              I listened to iTunes.

6:00pm- I watched The news whilst eating tea.

6:30pm-7:00pm-  I texted
                            I recieved a phone call

7:00pm- I watched a film 'Scary Movie 2'

9:30- I texted whilst falling asleep!